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Hemat 60-Day Local Prepaid SIM

Activation Offer and Card Information

88GB (42Mbps) Local data# for 60 days
Free (21Mbps) Midnight data^
Free 2,000 local minutes
Bonus value $38
# After reached 88GB of mobile data usage, you can still continue to use the service. However, your network speed specification will be capped at 512kbps.
^ ”Midnight data” refers to the local data usage between 11pm and 7am the next day, and will not be deducted from the designated 60-day plan. After ”Midnight data” reached 100GB of mobile data usage, speed will be lowered to 512kbps.
Card information
Administration Fee Free of charge
Card Validity 90 Days
Service status checking *101#
System Features
Call Forwarding Local airtime charge
Local Caller Number Display Free of charge
Roaming Caller Number Display Free of charge

Mobile Data Service

Local Data Plan (42Mbps)
Validity Charges & Data Subscription Code
$88 / unlimited4 + Free Midnight5 Local Data (21Mbps) + Free 2,000 local voice minutes2
(After reaching 100GB of data usage, network specification will be lowered to 512kbps.)
365-Day $68 / 8GB Free 2,000 local voice minutes *101*835*16#
$148 / 50GB *101*835*17#
$188 / 70GB *101*835*18#
$208 / 90GB *101*835*19#

AR = Auto Renew
Check Package Status: *101#

Terms and Conditional of Mobile Data Service:
  1. Peak speed for data download is 42Mbps and upload is 5.76Mbps. Actual speed experienced may be less than the theoretical speed obtainable on the network and may vary due to internet conditions, server speeds, network conditions, coverage, locations, the computer and device used, hardware, software, usage levels and other factors.
  2. When 60-Day Data Plan auto-renewed, the local voice minutes will be accumulated to the next 60 days, max 10,000 minutes. Any unused Data usage or local voice minutes of Data Plan would be forfeited upon expiry of Data Plan validity period.
  3. 365-Day Data Plans are based on a continuous 24-hour per day.
  4. After you have reached data usage of designated plan, you can still continue to use the service. However, your network speed specification will be capped at 512kbps.
  5. "21Mbps Midnight Local Data" ("Midnight Local Data") refers to the local data usage between 11pm and 7am the next day, and will not be deducted from the designated 60-Day plan. When the Midnight Local Data usage reached 100GB, you can still continue to use the service. However, your network speed specification will be capped at 512kbps.
  6. For details, please visit Fair Usage Policy..
  7. If you subscribe to 60-Day and 365-Day Data Passes simultaneously, all the 365-Day Data Passes will be used first.   After the local mobile data included in all the 365-Day Data Passes has been used up, your local Mobile Data usage will be deducted from the 60-Day Pass.
  8. To unsubscribe 60-Day Plan: dial *101#835*20# .
csl Wi-Fi
How to use:
Switch on the Wi-Fi and select network CSL
Open Internet browser and go to any website, it will automatically redirect to the login page.
Select "Discover HK Tourist SIM/Prepaid SIM Cards“, enter Mobile Number Password, and one-time Password to login to the service.
After login, a new offline window will pop-up to let you terminate the connection. Do not close the offline window. To terminate your csl Wi-Fi session, simply click the "Disconnect" button.
If you have accidentally closed the Disconnect pop-up window, please go to and click "Disconnect" to logout.
  1. If not yet setup password, dial *111# on your mobile device and follow the instructions to obtain your password
  2. Hotspot search: visit > Wi-Fi Hotspot search: click here.
  3. csl Wi-Fi service is provided by Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited subject to the terms and conditions of csl Wi-Fi service, To know more about csl Wi-Fi hotspots and coverage, please visit

csl VoLTE Service (Prepaid SIM card customers)

csl VoLTE Service, which brings voice call and video call to a brand new generation! VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) means connection of voice and video call through 4G LTE network. As a valuable csl customer, you can now enjoy a FREE upgrade to experience voice call with speedy connection and video call with high quality!
Benefit of using VoLTE
Facilitates faster voice-call connections. What used to take around 7 seconds on a 3G network is now as fast as 1 second, if both parties are using VoLTE. Even so it just takes around 4 seconds if using 3G network.
Click the “Video Call” icon/button during a VoLTE call to switch between voice and video calls – instantly, simply and quickly(applicable only to some Android models).
Must have items for using VoLTE:
VoLTE-compatible handset
Upgrade handset software to the latest version (applicable to Android phones. Please update the software to the latest version according to the manufacturer’s guidelines for settings).
Activate the handset’s VoLTE function:
  - iPhone
  - Samsung
  - LG
  - Sony
  - Huawei
   - Xiaomi
VoLTE service is only available under 4G LTE network coverage for intra-network calls with designated handsets.
Video call is a chargeable service, usage will be rounded up to the nearest minute. There is no additional charge for using VoLTE for video calls.
VoLTE Video call is only available when both users are using VoLTE service.
For enquiries, please call 179179.

Voice / SMS

Voice Call (/ Min)
Local $0.1
IDD1,2,* (/ 6 Sec) Mon-Fri Sat-Sun
Mainland China $0.017 $0.020
Macau $0.077 $0.080
Taiwan Landline $0.025 $0.028
Mobile Phone $0.075 $0.078
Malaysia $0.017 $0.020
Singapore $0.032 $0.035
South Korea $0.032 $0.035
- Calls to UK telephone numbers starting with "001+441534", "001+441481", "001+441624": IDD charge $0.82 (per 6 seconds).
- Calls to UK telephone numbers starting with “1718+441534", “1718+441481", “1718+441624": IDD charge $0.82 (per 6 seconds).
For other destinations, please click for details.
Video Call (/ Min) Tariff
Intra Network (CSL customers) $1
Inter Network (Other Network) $2

SMS, MMS (/ Message) Destination Tariff
Local Intra-network $0.3
Inter-network $0.7
International Mainland China $1.5
Other countries $1.8
MMS Local $1/MMS
International $3/MMS
Roaming SMS $3
Terms and Conditions of Voice Call, IDD, SMS and Video Call:
  1. An additional $ 0.015/6 second local airtime charge applies for IDD calls.
  2. IDD call charges are calculated per 6 seconds. csl has the right to change IDD / roaming rates or coverage from time to time without prior notification to the customer. Please call the customer hotline 179179 for details.
  3. Intra-network SMS is text SMS sent within the Hong Kong to prepaid customers PCCW-HKT prepaid customers, 1O1O, csl and SUN Mobile subscribers. Intra-network video calls are video calls made within Hong Kong to other one2free prepaid customers, PCCW-HKT prepaid customers, 1O1O, csl and SUN Mobile subscribers.
  4. IDD/Video call/SMS rates can be changed at any time without prior notification. For further information, please contact our hotline at 179 179.
  5. CSL Mobile Limited reserves the right to terminate or change this offer, Service Package or terms and conditions at any time without prior notice and reserves the right to make final decisions in the event of a dispute. In the event of a conflict between the English and Indonesian versions of the Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.

International Roaming

Roaming Data Volume-Based Plan (“VBP”)
Applicable Destination Validity Charges Subscription Code
Mainland China, Macau, Taiwan, Philippines and Indonesia 30 Days $48 / 2GB *101*601*624#
365 Days $148 / 6GB (free 6GB local data) *101*601*625#
$248 / 12GB (free 12GB local data) *101*601*626#
APAC destination* 8 Days $108 / 5GB *101*601*422#

*APAC destinations: Mainland China, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan & Thailand.

Usage checking: *101#

Terms and Conditions of Roaming Data Volume-Based Plan (“VBP”)

Roaming Voice tariff

Roaming Voice Charges
Region Roaming Destinations Receiving calls/Outgoing calls to HK/local roaming (Per minute) Call others (Per minute)
China/Macau $3 $18
Other Regions
Asia Pacific destinations Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Vietnam $3 $18
Europe Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark,Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy,Netherland, Norway, Slovak Republic,Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,UK, Austria, Croatia, Greece,Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg,Poland, Portugal, Russia, Turkey $8 $18
USA, Canada $8 $18
Other destinations $18
△ For details of other destinations covered by csl prepaid roaming voice service, please click here.

Making Calls to Hong Kong:

*108*1* Hong Kong Telephone No #
  1. Calling Hong Kong: *108*(Hong Kong Tel. No.)#
  2. Making local calls in roaming countries/territory: *108*001(Country/Territory Code)(Area Code)(Local Tel. No.)#
  3. Making calls to other countries/territories: *108*001(Country/Territory Code)(Area Code)(Local Tel. No. in other countries)# 
  4. After pressing the requisite key string, you’ll receive a message saying ‘Thank you for using our service. The number you’ve dialed is being connected, please wait”. Wait for your phone to ring, and answer it. You will then be connected to the called party.
  5. International roaming calls are charged on a per minute basis. Airtime will be deducted in units of 1 minute once you answer the return from our system, even if the called number is busy or unanswered.

Recharge Bonus and Methods

Short Code: Dial *109* < Voucher Code> #, SEND
Hotline: Call 171111 from your mobile phone and follow the instructions
Web page:
Check balance: *101# SEND

Promotion Offer - Get up to $ 30 bonus for every Recharge
Recharge Voucher Recharge Bonus Total Recharge Value Extension of card validity (count from top-up date)
$20 Hemat-Voucher-20 $6 $26 30 days
$50 Hemat-Voucher-50 $15 $65 365 days
$100 Hemat-Voucher-100 $30 $130 365 days

*Promotion till 30 Jun, 2022.

Hemat Prepaid SIM Card Recharge Vouchers, available at Mobile Phone Direct Selling Centers:
  1. Shop L-3, G/F, Hong Kong Mansion, No.1,3,5 &7 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay
  2. Z1A, G/F, Euro Trade Centre, Des Voeux Road, Central.
  3. Shop H1, No. 4-6 Dung Fat Street, Carson Mansion, Tsuen Wan
  4. Shop A, G/F, Shung Tak Building, No. 14-18 Kik Yeung Road, Yuen Long
Terms and Conditions of 30% Recharge Bonus:
  1. The 30% Recharge Bonus will be credited to the Hemat Customer’s account once customer has successfully recharged his/her account with the respective Voucher denomination shown in the table above.
  2. All Recharge Bonuses cannot be exchanged for cash, products, services or other offers.
  3. CSL Mobile Limited reserves the right to terminate or change the offer and/or these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event of disputes, the decision of CSL Mobile Limited shall be final.
  4. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Indonesian versions of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.

Sales hotline: 9102 9500


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