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csl Data Monthly SIM

csl Data Monthly SIM            


Prepaid SIM card Price $98
Activation Package 30-day 18GB local data & 1000 local voice minutes
Usable Value $20
Card Validity (After activation) 180 Days

Local Data

Data Pass Charges & entitlement Subscription code
30-day unlimited Data Pass (Auto renew)5 $38 / Unlimited
(network maximum speed will be adjusted to 384kbps when data usage reaches 2GB)
cancel: *101#937*98#
2-hour Data Pass $3 / 1GB
4-hour Data Pass $6 / 4GB
30-day Data Pass $98 / 18GB *101*937*6#
365-day Data Pass $28 / 1GB
$68 / 10GB
$168 / 28GB
Pay As You Go $3 / 100MB *101*937*88#
cancel: *101#937*88#
1. Our network specification for downlink of 4G LTE-A network (with 75Mbps for uplink) provided via three sections of 20MHz continuous 4G spectrum each, which is only available to designated locations with the use of a compatible device. Actual speeds that customers experience are less than the specifications and will be affected by the device used, locations, network conditions and other extraneous factors.
2. Any unused Local Mobile Data usage of Data Passes would be forfeited upon expiry of data pass validity period.
3. You may subscribe more than one “2-hour Data Pass”/ “4-hour Data Pass”. All the Data Passes will be valid until the latest expiry date of the subscribed Data Passes and you may use the Local Mobile Data usage included in all the Data Passes at any time during the extended validity period.
4. While any “30-day unlimited Data Pass ” is activated, you may subscribe more than one “2-hour Data Pass”/“4-hour Data Pass”/ “30-day Data Pass” & “365-day Data Pass”. The “2-hour Data Pass”/“4-hour Data Pass” will be used up first, after that “30-day Data Pass” will be consumed and then “365-day Data Pass” will be used up. Once the data usage from “2-hour Data Pass”/“4-hour Data Pass”/“30-day Data Pass” & “365-day Data Pass” has been used up, Data usage will be deducted from “30-day unlimited Data Pass ”. The Validity of all passes will not be extended.
5. “30-day unlimited Data Pass” will be renewed automatically every 30 days (23:59 on 30th day) after subscription.
6. 2-hour data pass & 4-hour data pass include a continuous 120-minute & 240-minute session respectively upon your subscription.
7. After activation of Pay-As-You-Go Local Data service, if there is no any activated Data Pass or its data has been used up, Local Data will counted as $3/100MB.
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