IDD 001

IDD 001 Voice Call service

IDD service covers the world! With our 24-hour flat rate, you can enjoy economical IDD service to call anywhere, anytime.

How to dial

Use the IDD service on your csl phone in two ways:

Dial 001 + country code area code + tel/fax number

Dial + + country code + area code + tel/fax number

How to register

Simply call our 24-hour Consumer Service Hotline: 25 123 123.

- To utilize the IDD service, subscribers must pay a deposit of HK$500.

IDD 001 Video Call service 3G

You can now talk face to face with your friends, families or overseas business partners as if they were in Hong Kong like you. Why wait? Simply pick up your 3G handset and make a video call to buddies or business associates internationally. This service even allows you to show an item to an overseas friend while you are shopping in Hong Kong!

How to dial

Dial  001 + country code + area code + mobile tel number

Dial + + country code + area code + mobile tel number

How to register

IDD Video Call service is available to csl customers with IDD service subscription. Please call our 24-hour Consumer Service Hotline: 25 123 123.

  • Customers must subscribe to IDD service to make IDD video calls.
  • With effect from 1 Jan 2017, IDD Video Call service will no longer support calls to China number. Should you have any enquiries, please call our Customer Service Hotline on 25 123 123.
  • The above rates are in H.K. dollars. All charges are calculated in 1-minute interval and rounded up to the nearest 1-minute. Local video call airtime will be counted or be charged.
  • The above tariff is valid from 1-Nov-2017 and subject to change without prior notice.
  • IDD video call rates are only applicable to calls made to mobile phones using overseas 3G networks.
  • To receive IDD video calls, recipients overseas must use a 3G handset. Customers can only make international video calls to mobile phone users subscribing to a video call service via overseas 3G networks.

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