IDD 0060

Service Introduction

IDD 0060, the international telephone service with crystal-clear quality and high reliability, is available through your csl mobile service.  You can keep in touch with friends and family overseas - anytime, anywhere. 

For IDD 0060 service details, please click here.

Dialing Instruction

IDD 0060 is easy to use. Follow the steps below with your mobile phone (the example shows a call to Toronto):

Tip: store the whole string of numbers in your mobile for convenience!

International Access Code + Country/Territory Code + Area Code
(if any)
+ Local Telephone Number + OK/Yes
0060 + 1 + 416 +  xxx xxxx + OK/Yes

Terms and Conditions of Service Plan included IDD 0060 IDD Minutes:

  • Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited (“HKT”) provides IDD 0060 Services. For charges and enquiries, please call 10060.
  • If you are a new mobile 0060 customer (if applicable), you will be entitled to 30 free minutes per month for the first 2 months for calls made to any mobile/fixed-line telephone numbers in China, USA, Canada, and any fixed-line telephone numbers in United Kingdom and Australia (except numbers with prefixes “56”, “7”, “8” or “9” in the UK). You will receive a confirmation if you are entitled to these free minutes.
  • If your account (IDD 0060 customer number) has more than 1 registered mobile number, the free minutes will be shared among all registered mobile numbers. Unused monthly free minutes cannot be carried forward to the subsequent month. Each customer (under same customer number) can enjoy up to 90 free IDD minutes per month.
  • Free minutes are offered on a per-minute basis.  Each individual call will be rounded up to the nearest 10 cents.
  • For IDD 0060 calls to other destinations, different calling rates apply. Please call hotline 10060 for details.
  • After the free IDD entitlement is used up, HK$0.23 per minute within the first 2 months of the commencement date and HK$0.28 per minute from the 3rd month onwards will apply until further notice for IDD 0060 calls to the above destinations from the registered mobile number(s).
  • Separate bills will be issued by HKT for your IDD 0060 Service and by CSL Mobile Limited for your CSL mobile Services and all other relevant Services subscribed by you under your Mobile Application. 
  • You must inform HKT within 24 hours if you cease to be the registered customer for the mobile number(s) registered for the IDD 0060 Service. Otherwise, you will remain responsible for all usage charges incurred through the use of IDD 0060 Service via such mobile number(s). Without limitation to HKT’s other rights to terminate and suspend the IDD 0060 Service, where you cease to be the registered customer for the registered mobile number(s), HKT reserves the right to immediately terminate the provision of the IDD 0060 Service to you in respect of that telephone number(s).
  • IDD0060 Service is only applicable to customers aged 18 or above
  • Billing Statement of IDD0060 will be using the same method as Billing Method or Bill Preferences choose by customers, by sending electronic bills to the email address provided by customers or by sending paper bills to the correspondence address provided by customers. If customers choose to receive SMS billing, IDD0060 will send electronic bills by default.
  • To promote environmental protection and reduction of paper consumption, HK$10 for each paper bill for consumer customers (being customers registered by HKID or passport no.) will be charged starting from 1 November 2016. Such charge will be included in each paper billing statement. Customers registered by business registration number will be charged HK$20 for each paper bill. Customers aged 65 or above will be waived from such charge (Paper bill charge will still apply for request of any copy bill by post or re-issued bill). Customers may choose to receive electronic bills via registered email address at no charge and may also view electronic bills on My HKT via To change the bill receiving methods, customers may login to My HKT account via to change setting. If you have any billing inquiries, please call our Consumer Service Hotline 1000
  • If customers choose to receive electronic bills, please make sure to provide a valid email address. If customers do not provide the email address or if the email address is invalid, we will stop sending electronic bills to that email address but sending paper bills by post to the correspondence address and customers will be charged per paper bill.

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