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Calling overseas

International SMS

No matter where your friends live*, keep in touch by using our SMS!

How to send an SMS

To send SMS messages from your csl handset, just follow these steps:

Dial  + + country code + area code + mobile no

For long SMS messages, log in to “My Account”, try our “WebSMS” for even greater convenience! You can send messages to all your friends -even if they're not csl users and even if they're not in Hong Kong! Get full details by calling our 24-hour Consumer Service Hotline: 25 123 123.

Each SMS holds 160 English or 70 Chinese characters, including spaces and punctuation marks. If your message exceeds this limitation, we will help you to truncate it into multiple SMS and each SMS will be charged.

* Please refer to the tariff list on this page to see details of our coverage.


The charge for each international SMS sent is HK$ 3.00 (pay-as-you-go) or HK$ 2.00 + 1 local SMS quota.


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