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Voice Mail Service

With our Voice Mail Service, you can enjoy flexibility when managing your incoming calls. You will get a SMS alert whenever you get a new voice mail and you can store up to 20 voice mails in your Voice Mail Box.
Voice Mail
Mailbox Set-up ╱ Registered Mobile Phone Retrieval
*   988  
Activate for all calls to voicemail
*   *   21   *   19   tel no.   #    

Each voice mail is limited to 1 minute and will be stored for 3 days.
• Each forwarded call to Voice Mail Box will be charged at standard local voice rates.
• All unanswered calls are preset to be forwarded to Voice Mail Box (Except customer in roaming).
• Call Management Package: Unconditional Call Forward, Unanswered Call Forward, Busy Call Forward and Unreachable Call Forward to a Hong Kong number, Call Waiting, Call Conference, Call Hold and Caller ID Display.


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